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subject: Genuine Shakespearean insults Dear all, Got this from other milis. You may wanna keep it 'handy'. In case someone says 'nasty thing' to you that you are not sure, or if you are at a loss for a good insult. Use this handy table to construct a Shakespearean insult. Combine one word from each of the three columns below, and preface it with the word "Thou". For example: "If there's any reason you don't fully enjoy this message, that'll prove that you're just a reeky, half-faced miscreant" Don't ask me what it meant though........;) Cheers. |___Column_1___|____Columm_2____|____Column_3____| | artless | base-court | apple-john | | bawdy | bat-fowling | baggage | | beslubbering | beef-witted | barnacle | | bootless | beetle-headed | bladder | | churlish | boil-brained | boar-pig | | cockered | clapper-clawed | bugbear