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stress = infertile?

Stress makes women infertile, stress-busting therapy can help them, says new study Posted on : Wed, 21 Jun 2006 19:02:00 GMT | Author : Martin Booth News Category : Health NEW YORK: Stress can cause infertility in women and stress-reducing therapy can help them conceive, studies by an American researcher have revealed. Prof Sarah Berga of Emory Uni

Strict parenting linked to overweight children

Disciplinarian parents have fat kids: study June 4, 2006 11:12:57 PM PST Parents who are strict disciplinarians are far more likely to wind up with children who are fat by age six, perhaps because the youngsters over-eat as a reaction to stress, a study said on Monday. The report from Boston University School of Medicine also found that the fewest weight problems occur among children whose parents are "authoritative" -- having high expectations for self control but respectful of a child's opinions and who set clear boundaries. The study also found that children of parents who are permissive, defined as indulgent and without discipline, also have weight problems but not to the degree of the offspring of strict disciplinarians with low levels of sensitivity, the study said. Researchers also found that children of neglectful mothers and fathers, those who are emotionally uninvolved with no set rules, fared about the same as kids raised by permissive pa

Déjà vu for tragic East Timor

UN abandoned new nation too soon Jun. 2, 2006. 01:00 AM ROSIE DIMANNO "It is inconceivable that more blood will be shed in tiny East Timor, not freedom fighter against freedom fighter." Me, in an April 2002 column. It's bad form to quote oneself. Usually, commentators do it to wag an I-told-you-so finger, perversely pleased over worst predictions realized. Put it down to optimism and affection for what was, at that time, the newest sovereign nation of the 21st century. Now, given combustible events over the past month, East Timor is in danger of becoming the planet's latest failed state. Fortunately, the country still has a beloved leader — their hero of independence, President Xanana Gusmao — to rally around. He has the stones, and moral authority, to bring East Timor back from the brink of ruin. Yesterday, tears streaming down his face, Gusmao spoke with poignant urgency to displaced citizens who have taken refuge in a United Nations compound: "I know there are