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Wimax mulai ditinggalkan di US, diganti LTE?

<quote>  The short version is that 4G LTE has the fastest theoretical maximum speeds compared to HSPA+ and WiMax, and it's the standard that all U.S. wireless carriers are now moving toward. </quote>   --  4G Reality Check: Here's Where a 4G LTE iPhone Would Actually Matter By  JARED NEWMAN  |  @OneJaredNewman  |  September 7, 2012 Read more:   When Apple  announces its new iPhone  next week, there's a good chance it'll support 4G LTE data speeds. If that happens, we'll surely hear all about it from wireless carriers eager to extol their own gloriously fast networks. But as this happens, it's worth noting that 4G data is still a work in progress. That may explain why Apple has held off on the technology for so long, even as Android and Windows P