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inRock Fossils

3-D Images Reveal Fossils Inside Rock By Tracy Staedter, Discovery News Feb. 16, 2006—What could be better for a paleontologist than finding a 650-million-year-old microscopic fossil? How about seeing it in three dimensions without ever having to extract it from the rock that preserves it? Paleobiologist J. William Schopf of the University of California, Los Angeles, and his colleagues have developed a technique that lets them see fossilized microorganisms and their chemical makeup. Such a method could not only help scientists settle a few disputes about whether or not certain microscopic structures are indeed fossils from the earliest days of life on Earth, but it could also be used to potentially search for long-lost life in rocks from Mars. "You can now turn the fossil upside down. You can look at it from the side. You can look at it from the top. You can take layers off and look at its insides," said Schopf. "This is the first time anybody has been able

Wireless Net: Roaming Antar ISP

detikinet Senin , 20/02/2006 17:35 WIB Roaming Hotspot 13 PJI Direncanakan Maret Ni Ketut Susrini - detikInet Ilustrasi (inet) Jakarta , Tiga belas perusahaan penyelenggara jasa internet (PJI) Indonesia akan menyepakati kerjasama roaming hotspot. Kerjasamanya direncanakan berlangsung secara bilateral, dan dimulai bulan Maret. Kerjasama ini memungkinkan pelanggan berbagai PJI untuk menggunakan akses internet, yang disediakan melalui hotspot PJI-PJI yang menyepakati kerjasama roaming . Dalam draf kesepakatan bersama disebutkan, ada 13 PJI yang akan menyepakati 'Kesepakatan Bersama Asosiasi Hotspot Indonesia'. Ke-13 PJI tersebut adalah: Mega Media (IM2), CBN, BogorNet (BoNet), IndoNet, Centrin, Swhara, Broadband Multimedia, IndoWLI, Telkom, IconPlus, Melsa-Net, Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PS