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[slashdot] QSL : quantum spin liquid MIT Research Shows New Magnetic State That Could Aid Quantum Computing  Posted by samzenpus on Thursday December 20, @08:20PM alphadogg writes "Researchers at MIT and other institutions have demonstrated a new type of magnetism, only the third kind ever found, and it may find its way into future communications, computing and data storage technologies. Working with a tiny crystal of a rare mineral that took 10 months to make, the researchers for the first time have  demonstrated a magnetic state called a QSL (quantum spin liquid) , according to MIT physics professor Young Lee. He is the lead author of a paper on their findings, which is set to be published in the journal Nature this week. Theorists had said QSLs might exist, but one had never been demonstrated before. 'We think it's pretty important,' Lee said, adding that he would let his peers be

#instagram Kembang Wijayakusuma. Cuma ngembang satu malam saja. Malam ini.

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The State of the Music Industry

Year 2030 : The Rise of China

Gov't Report Predicts Cyborgs, Rise of China for 2030  Posted by Soulskill on Tuesday December 11, @06:39PM  colinneagle writes "Yesterday the National Intelligence Council (NIC), which is made up of 17 U.S. government intelligence agencies, released the 140-page report  Global Trends 2030 Alternate Worlds . In all four of the alternative visions of the future, U.S. influence declines and it may be regarded more as a 'first among equals.' By 2030,  the West will be in decline and Asia will wield more overall global power  than the U.S. and Europe combined. 'China alone will probably have the largest economy, surpassing that of the United States a few years before 2030,' the report states. 'Megatrends' include an overall reduction of poverty and the 'growth of a global middle class.' NIC also sees a potential world of scarcities as the demand for food and water increase as the world's population swells from 7.1 billion to 8.3 billion people.

Facebook to buy Whatsapp? What's Up With Whatsapp? Facebook Might Want To Buy It, That's What INGRID LUNDEN ALEXIA TSOTSIS Whatsapp , the multiplatform mobile messaging app that has been one of the runaway success stories for ad-free, paid services, has been in talks to be acquired by Facebook, according to sources close to the matter. We're still digging around on potential price and other details about how advanced the deal is. But as mobile becomes the latest battleground in the Internet's  game of thrones , you can see how such a deal could make sense. For starters, it would be another way for Facebook to continue extending its touchpoints with mobile consumers, an area Mark Zuckerberg asserted, on the occasion of reaching 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook, would be crucial to Facebook reaching the "next billion." "The big thing is obviously going to b

Android Lenovo Tahan Dipakai 26 Hari Wow! Android Lenovo Tahan Dipakai 26 Hari Trisno Heriyanto  - detikinet Rabu, 28/11/2012 13:57 WIB Lenovo P770 China  - Sudah bukan rahasia lagi jika smartphone terkini hanya bisa dipakai 1-2 hari saja. Tapi, Lenovo coba menggebrak dengan meluncurkan ponsel Android yang tahan hingga 26 hari pemakaian.  Ponsel tersebut bernama Lenovo P770, yang memang di dalamnya sudah tertanam sebuah baterai berkapasitas 3.500 mAh. Paling besar dibanding smartphone Android mana pun. Menurut Lenovo, yang dikutip  detikINET  dari  talkandroid , Rabu (28/11/2012), P770 juga mampu diajak bicara hingga 29 jam. Cukup lama, dan ini berarti pengguna tak perlu lagi  colokan  listrik setiap hari. Di balik baterainya yang perkasa, di dalam P770 terdapat prosesor dual core 1,2 GHz, RAM 1 GB, memori internal 4 GB, kamera depan 5 MP, dan dikemas dalam layar IPS 4,5 inch 960 x 540 pixel. Di China produk

Building World's Tallest Building in 90 days Developer reaffirms plan to finish world's tallest building in 90 days The world's tallest skyscraper supposedly remains on track to debut in China early next year, but the details surrounding its progress seem quite strange. by Christopher MacManus November 19, 2012 6:05 PM PST This composite photo shows Sky City's massive height compared to a portion of the Chicago skyline. (Credit: Broad Group) A 220-story Sky City tower in the Chinese city of Changsha could take the crown as the world's tallest skyscraper next March with an astounding height of 2,749 feet, edging out the mega Burj Khalifa that currently stands 2,722 feet over Dubai. What makes the 11-million-square-foot Sky City so astonishing isn't its height or its appearance but rather the three-month construction pla

Digia to acquire Qt business from Nokia, port it to Android and iOS -- Digia to acquire Qt business from Nokia, port it to Android and iOS Up to 125 Qt personnel at Nokia will join Digia to continue Qt development. by  Ryan Paul  -  Aug 9 2012, 2:48pm SEAST DEVELOPMENT   OPEN SOURCE 35 Finnish software company Digia announced today that it is acquiring the Qt software business from Nokia. Digia plans to pick up where Nokia left off: continuing Qt development, but renewing the toolkit's focus on cross-platform support. The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Qt is an open source software development toolkit that was originally created by Norwegian software company Trolltech. Nokia acquired Trolltech in 2008 and subsequently transitioned Qt to an open governance model and a more permissive licensing scheme. Nokia had originally intended to use Qt to provide a unified development framework that would work

Plastik Dapat Gantikan BBM di AS Plastik Dapat Gantikan BBM di AS Sebuah perusahaan di AS mengubah plastik menjadi bahan bakar, berpotensi mengurangi limbah plastik dan ketergantungan terhadap minyak impor. CEO perusahaan JBI, Inc., John Bordynuik, memegang setoples bahan bakar yang diproduksi dari limbah plastik. (VOA/D. Robison) Daniel Robinson 31.10.2012 Plastik bisa menjadi bahan bakar di masa depan. Namun sayangnya, hanya 7 persen dari limbah plastik di Amerika Serikat didaur ulang setiap tahun, menurut Lembaga Perlindungan Lingkungan. Sebuah perusahaan di Niagara Falls, New York, saat ini sedang berupaya meningkatkan persentase itu supaya dapat mengurangi ketergantungan Amerika terhadap minyak impor. Mesin pembuat bahan bakar dari plastik itu disebut "monster pemakan plastik." Setiap jam, ribuan kilogram potongan botol susu, botol air dan kantung belanja masuk ke dalam ruangan pembakaran besar. Limbah pl

Metabolic syndrome may cost men more

Glynis Smalley-Monash MONASH (AUS) — Men with a condition that can lead to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular disease, or diabetes are likely to incur higher health care costs than women with similar conditions, research shows. The new study, conducted in Taiwan, examines all expenditures across six healthcare services: inpatient, ambulatory care, dental care, traditional Chinese medicine, emergency and contracted pharmacy for 1,378 individuals aged from 65 years with metabolic syndrome (MetS).

iMac 2012

Quadski = A Land and Water ATV

Amphibious vehicle to go on sale soon in US DEE-ANN DURBIN, AP Auto Writer Updated 11:28 a.m., Sunday, October 14, 2012 In this Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 photo, the Quadski, a one-person motor boat that also drives on land, is tested in in Oxford Mich. The vehicle is being billed as the first commercially available, high-speed amphibious vehicle by its makers, Michigan-based Gibbs Technologies. It's scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. by the end of this year for around $40,000. The company hopes to sell it worldwide by 2014. Photo: Carlos Osorio / AP In this Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 photo, the Quadski, a one-person motor boat that also drives on land, is tested in in Oxford Mich. The vehicle is being billed as the first commercially available, high-speed amphibious vehicle by its makers, Michigan-based Gibbs Technologies. It's scheduled to go on sale in the U.S.

Telkom University   Rabu, 26/09/2012 19:11 WIB Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom Deklarasikan Telkom University Djuli Pamungkas  - detikBandung --  Bandung  - Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (YPT) mendeklarasikan penggabungan empat lembaga pendidikan Telkom yang terdiri atas IT Telkom, IM Telkom, Politeknik Telkom dan STISI Telkom menjadi Telkom University di Kawasan Pendidikan Telkom, Jalan Telekomunikasi, Kecamatan Dayeuh Kolot, Kabupaten Bandung, pada Rabu (26/9/2012). Deklarasi tersebut diakui Direktur Aliansi Strategis YPT Agus Ahmad Suhendra merupakan bagian dari proses pendirian Telkom University yang telah dipersiapkan secara bertahap. "Kurang lebih 1,5 tahun seluruh jajaran pengurus menggodok konsep merger ini, hingga akhirnya hari ini terwujud keinginan yang sudah diidam-idamkan. Penggabungan ini merupakan wujud implementasi visi mencapai world class university," tutur Agus saat deklarasi. Agus mengungkapkan langkah pengg

Sister Cars : Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya

Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya Sister Cars Launched at Indonesia Motor Show   Toyota and Daihatsu have just launched their two virtually-identical jointly-developed cars, the Ayla and Agya, at the Indonesia International Motor Show. The car is a five-door hatchback measuring just over 3.5 meters in length, so Toyota's three-pot 1.0-liter motor with 65 hp and 87 Nm of torque is adequate to motivate it along. Both cars are built by Daihatsu, and the Toyota variant gets different front bumper and grille design, and that's it. The latter will, however, get a 'TRD S' version which will get a subtle aero pack, which includes sportier bumpers and side skirts, as well as more 'racy' alloys - the engine, however, is the same 1.0-liter unit, so performance will be identical. The Ayla and Agya are both specifically designed for the needs of the

Fwd: [ig] Complicated Mechanisms Explained in simple animations

Complicated Mechanisms Explained in simple animations Author: admin Filed under: General Date: Aug 22,2010 Radial Engines Radial engines are used in aircrafts having propeller connected to the shaft delivering power in order to produce thrust its basic mechanism is as follows Steam engine Principle Steam engine once used in locomotives was based on the reciprocating principle as shown below Sewing Machine Maltese Cross Mechanism this type of mechanism is used in clocks to power the second hand movement. Manual Transmission Mechanism The mechanism also called as "stick shift" is used in cars to change gears mannually Constant Velocity Joint This mechanism is used in the front wheel drive cars Torpedo-Boat destroyer System This system is used to destroy fleet in naval military operations. Rotary Engine Also called as Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine has a unique design that con

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Re: Informasi Status Layanan Sitra Anda

Silakan baca kronologis jawaban saya di sini:   Lalu tolong jawab pertanyaan saya:  Saya itu harus membayar untuk periode pemakaian tanggal berapa sampai tanggal berapa? Kalau sitra bisa menjawab pertanyaan penting ini, saya akan dengan senang hati membayar. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Berikut adalah text jawaban saya di website tersebut: Kronologi Kisruhnya Operasional Tagihan Sitra Ivo Setyadi 10 Mei 2012 Beli modem Sitra Wimax 200rb, dengan iming-iming gratis langganan 1 bulan. 10 Mei 2012 - 10 Juni 2012 (1 bulan) Susah payah connect karena di rumah saya susah sinyal.  Cuma dapat sinyal kalau manjat ke atap.  Cuma berhasil connect beberapa kali saja dalam sebulan itu. (bisa cross-check ke data internal sitra) Memutuskan untuk tidak melanjutkan pakai sitra. Terakhir connect 10 Juni 2012 (sesuai data di sitra saat saya telpon CS) 13 Juni 2012: Dapat email terminasi dari sitra. Saat telpon CS soal terminasi, dipastikan tidak ada tagiha

[reuters canada] AMD/Seamicro launches low-power server platform   Advanced Micro launches low-power server platform Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:59pm EDT   Print This Article SAN FRANCISCO  (Reuters) - Advanced Micro Devices unveiled an energy-efficient server platform aimed at Big Data and cloud computing, the first major fruit of its acquisition of SeaMicro this year as the chipmaker struggles to diversify beyond a stagnant PC industry. The new technology, which works with processors made by AMD as well as Intel, has more bandwidth while using less electricity than previous products, Andrew Feldman, formerly CEO of SeaMicro and now at AMD, told reporters at an event. AMD bought Silicon Valley startup SeaMicro in March for $334 million to gain a foothold in smaller, lower-power computer servers, a potential area of growth as Internet services expand and corporations look to save on electricity bills. Its focus on low-power servers comes as ARM Holdings, whose energy-efficient

The Most Powerful Food Combinations The Most Powerful Food Combinations By: Adam Baer Who came up with the idea that we are supposed to drink orange juice at breakfast? And why, if oatmeal is so good for us, do we eat that only in the morning as well? Apologies to the Palinites, but nutritionists are starting to realize that you and I like our oatmeal and OJ before we start the day because we evolved to like it that way—because enjoying the two together is healthier than eating each of them alone. Epidemiologist David R. Jacobs, Ph.D., of the University of Minnesota calls it food synergy, and he, along with many other nutritionists, believes it might explain why Italians drizzle cold-pressed olive oil over tomatoes and why the Japanese pair raw fish with soybeans. "The complexity of food combinations is fascinating because it's tested in a way we can't test drugs: by evolution," says Jacobs. And, he adds, "it's tested