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Google's Own Private Internet

Google's Own Private Internet SEPTEMBER 20, 2005 Google (Nasdaq: GOOG - message board ) is building a network so massive that several service provider specialists believe it could end up with one of the world's largest core transport networks, effectively building its own private Internet. "This is huge," says Hunter Newby, chief strategy officer with carrier connection specialist Telx , pointing to several recent indications of the Google network's scale. "It's scary. They're not fooling around." Light Reading , which has previously reported on Google's telecom aspirations, has learned that Google is well underway at putting the pieces together (see Headcount: Great Googly Moogly! , Google Backs Powerline Carrier , and Google Talks the Talk ). It is accumulating hundreds of thousands of square feet of carrier hotel space that could host giant server farms, buying up fiber, and