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Lack of Sleep, a Cause for Child Obesity

Researchers at the Bristol University suggested that cutting sleeping hours is linked to an important problem of the Western world, obesity among children and adolescents. Experts suggested that lack of sleep is to blame for the increasing obesity rate among youngsters. "There is a really clear relationship between short sleep duration and obesity in children," stated Dr Shahrad Taheri, the lead researcher at the Bristol University. Dr Shahrad Taheri and colleagues explained that cutting sleeping hours seriously affects the level of hormones responsible for appetite. Moreover, if you stay awake more, you need to eat larger quantities of food. Experts indicated that computers, television and mobile phones affect the sleep, especially if watching television, playing computer games or talking on the mobile is done before sleeping. It is known that most children do these things mostly before going to bed. "Good sleep could be promoted by removin

LED Light Bulbs

Zoom A great idea in lighting The light bulb is often used in cartoons to depict the formation of a great idea. We think that building LEDs into a bulb that can be screwed into a standard 120V light socket is a great idea. These LED Light Bulbs come in three different sizes with an output up to 120 Lumens. The bulbs are also long-life and low power consumption. Vivid - This 18 LED light bulb makes an excellent high definition reading light. Perfect to help you not feel guilty about leaving an accent light on all night. Run it for twelve hours a day for a whole year at a cost of about 80 cents. Makes a great reading light. Vivid Plus - Turn any household lamp into a low cost, high-tech marvel by installing the Vivid Plus LED Light Bulb. This ultra-bright l

Cooking Robot!

Home >> Sci-Edu UPDATED: 11:28, October 10, 2006 Chinese scientists invent first cooking robot China's first cooking robot, named AIC-AICookingrobot, has been invented by scientists in Shenzhen in south China's Guangdong Province. The robot, developed by Fanxing Science and Technology Co. Ltd in Shenzhen, is capable of Sichuan, Shandong and Canton cuisines and can cook thousands of Chinese dishes, according to a report in the Shenzhen Economic Daily. The company spent four years and more than 2 million yuan (about 250,000 U.S. dollars) to develop the robot, said Liu Xinyu, executive director of the company. Scientists translated standardized human cooking actions into machine language. The robot is happy to fry, bake, boil and steam, and can perform other special Chinese cooking actions. At a show held by the company on Sunday, the robot cooked a dish of beautifully-flavored, attractive-looking shrimp in five minutes, said the newspaper. The robot will help standardize Ch