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NYTimes: Sony A55 - Exciting Step Forward

Sony Makes Giant Leap With A55 Report David Pogue | October 11, 2010 The A55 has a moveable viewfinder for video that is a marked improvement over the standard viewfinder on most SLRs. (Photos courtesy of ) When it made up the term "SLR,'' the technology terminology industry was not operating at its peak creative powers. An SLR is one of those big, black, professional-style cameras. They do things that make pocket cameras look like pretenders: They can blur the background, take lower-light shots without a flash and shoot with no shutter lag (the delay after you press the shutter button). And thanks to enormous light sensors and lenses, the photos just look fantastic. But ouch — that name. Even if you know what SLR stands for ("single-lens reflex''), you have no idea what it means. "