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what would you do?

Ethical Dilemma: What Would You Do? What would you do if you saw a young boy being berated by his baby sitter? The baby sitter doesn't raise a finger, but her words are degrading and harmful to the boy. You don't know the whole story, and you're not directly involved. What would you do? Intervene? Or mind your own business? ABC News was curious about this ethical dilemma, and hired two professional actors to play out the scene and examine at what people would do. Would it be possible to predict who will act -- and who won't? On a sunny day in September, the woman, Wynn Everett, and the boy, Jake Cherry, aged 8, went to a picnic area near a playground and acted out the scenario they had rehearsed. Situational Factors When Wynn began to berate Jake, it was clear that intervening wouldn't be an easy decision. One man within earshot kept reading his newspaper, and others walked right by. ABC News' hidden cameras showed that some women passing by appea

New way to secure communication

Texas A&M electrical engineer says simple scheme can stop electronic eavesdroppers Dr. Laszlo Kish says his simple scheme can stop electronic eavesdroppers. COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- James Bond may use the fanciest, most expensive and high-tech devices to thwart would-be eavesdroppers, but in a pinch, the super-spy can use one Texas A&M engineer's simple, low-cost scheme to keep data secure from the bad guys. Dr. Laszlo Kish, an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M, proposed that a simple pair of resistors on the ends of a communications wire such as a phone or computer line could keep eavesdroppers from intercepting secret messages. Added electronic disturbances (called "noise") or the natural thermal noise (called Johnson noise) produced by the resistors makes the scheme function and keep the message secret. Kish's paper, "Totally secure classical communication utilizing Johnson(-lik

Quanta akan Garap Laptop Rp 1 Juta

Rabu , 14/12/2005 12:07 WIB Quanta akan Garap Laptop Rp 1 Juta Ni Ketut Susrini - detikInet   Laptop Rp 1 Juta (onno) Jakarta , Pemanufaktur laptop asal Taiwan, Quanta, telah sepakat untuk menggarap proyek penyediaan laptop Rp 1 Juta (US$100). Laptop super murah itu ditujukan untuk negara-negara berkembang. Organisasi OLPC (One Laptop per Child) telah memilih Quanta, pemanufaktur laptop terbesar di dunia, untuk memproduksi laptop US$100. Ide pembuatan laptop tersebut muncul dari Nicholas Negroponte, kepala laboratirium MIT Media Lab. Nama Quanta mungkin tidak banyak yang tahu. Tapi sebenarnya banyak orang memakai hasil produksinya, karena perusahaan ini memproduksi laptop untuk Hewlett-Packard, Dell dan lain sebagainya. Quanta menjalin kerjasama jangka panjang dengan Compal, perusahaan yang juga berbasis di Taiwan. Sebagai ODM (original design manufacturer), Quanta akan memproduksi dan berperan penting dalam menghasilkan rancangan akhir untuk laptop murah ini

The story of a Belgian Kamikaze

Le récit du parcours de la kamikaze belge! (01/12/2005) Muriel, convertie à l'islam, avait donné du fil à retordre à ses parents CHARLEROI La kamikaze belge qui s'est fait exploser en Irak, il y a trois semaines, s'appelait Muriel Degauque. C'était une enfant de Charleroi. Elle était née à Charleroi. Elle avait grandi à Charleroi. Elle avait été serveuse dans un café et vendeuse en boulangerie à Charleroi.Elle était allée à l'Athénée royal de Fontaine-l'Évêque. Muriel vivait depuis trois ans rue de Merode, près de la gare du Midi, à Bruxelles, avec un Belgo-Marocain de 7 ans son cadet, Issam Goris, tué en Irak par les Américains. En rencontrant Issam, Muriel s'était appelée Myriam. Pour les parents, c'est Issam qui a converti leur fille à l'islam. Et quand ils parlent de conversion, Jean et Liliane sous-entendent: endoctriné. Car, pour eux, la conversion de Muriel tenait plus d'un lavage de cerveau que d'un sentiment religieux pro

Belgian woman bomber identified

The bomber allegedly targeted US soldiers in Iraq Stunned Belgians are starting to get a clearer picture of the Belgian woman identified as a suicide bomber killed in Iraq last month. La Derniere Heure newspaper published a photo of the woman it said was the bomber, and interviewed her mother. The paper says she is Muriel Degauque, 38, from Charleroi, who converted to Islam after marrying a radical Muslim. Federal prosecutors would not confirm the woman's identity, only that she was a Belgian of European origin. But La Derniere Heure ran the headline: "This is our Belgian kamikaze killed in Iraq." Conversion Degauque's mother Liliane told the paper that she knew her daughter had been involved before police told her she had carried out the attack on 9 November. "The evening before, I was wat