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Indonesia's Skin Wars

A proposed law against pornography worries moderates and minorities in Indonesia   BY JASON TEDJASUKMANA | TEGALCANGKRING DITA ALANGKARA / AP "PORNOAKSI?": Under the proposed legislation, foreign beachgoers could be forced to cover up or stay at home   Monday, Apr. 03, 2006 The black bra under the thin yellow kebaya , a close-fitting blouse, leaves little to the imagination. Even more suggestive are the flittering eyes and gyrating hips of the dancer, who chases young men to pull them up on stage. One accepts the offer and makes a grab for her large posterior as she beckons with welcoming eyes. Another makes a gesture at her breasts and then stuffs cash into her hands. This is not a lap dance in Las Vegas, but a revered Balinese custom known as the joged bumbung , or bamboo dance. Yet it is one of hundreds of traditions across the Indonesian archipelago that could be banned under legislation being deliberat