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Biodegradable Algae Batteries Algae Could Be the Key to Ultra-Thin Biodegradable Batteries by Ariel Schwartz , 11/25/09 Algae is often touted as the next big thing in biofuels , but the slimy stuff could also be the key to paper-thin biodegradable batteries according to researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden. Eventually, the bio batteries could compete with commercial lithium-ion batteries. Conducting polymers have long been thought to be a solution in developing lightweight, flexible, nonmetal batteries. But up until now, these polymers have had been impractical because regular paper can't hold enough of them work effectively. Now Uppsala researcher Maria Stromme and her team has found that the smelly algae species that clumps on beaches, known as Cladophora , can also be used to make a type of cellulose that has 100 times the surface area of cellulose found in paper. That means it can hold e

Paper-thin Algae Batteries Technology Paper-thin Batteries Made from Algae By Charles Q. Choi , Special to LiveScience posted: 25 November 2009 09:44 am ET Batteries made of paper may power electronics in the future, researchers say. Shown are images from an experimental paper-based battery. Credit: The American Chemical Society Full Size 1 of 1 Batteri