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X1 beats 0-60mph/3sec and 170mpg car combined

Wrightspeed X1 - EV Power and Efficiency by Megawatt Motorworks (1/27/2006) One thousand one... one thousand two... one thousand three... that's how quick this electric car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph. Before you finish this sentence the car has topped 100 mph! Ian Wright sees a market for electric vehicles that outperform petrol cars. The X1 was built to prove his theory as he works to attract funding for his startup company, Wrightspeed Inc. Ian's banking on the fact that power and efficiency are the hallmarks of today's electric vehicles. It's unlikely that any gas car can trump the X1, which sips just 200 Whr of electricy per mile-- or the gas equivalent of 170 miles per gallon. In other words, try to find any gas car that gets 170-mpg and still accelerates with the same gusto! How does this acceleration compare to other cars? Will Nordby of KRON news in San Francisco reported, "Wright competed in a race with $170,000 Ferrari and a $400,000 Por