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Bitcoin Membantu Hidup Gelandangan Homeless, Unemployed, and Surviving on Bitcoins BY  DANIELA HERNANDEZ 09.20.13 6:30 AM Paul Harrison, Chris Kantola, and Jesse Angle, scrounging for bitcoins outside a public library in Pensacola, Florida. Photo: Michael Spooneybarger/WIRED Jesse Angle is homeless, living on the streets of Pensacola, Florida. Sometimes he spends the night at a local church. Other nights, he sleeps behind a building in the heart of the city, underneath a carport that protects him from the rain. Each morning, he wakes up, grabs some food, and makes his way to Martin Luther King Plaza, a downtown park built where the trolley tracks used to run. He likes this park because his friends hang out there too, and it's a good place to pick up some spending money. But he doesn't panhandle. He uses the internet. The park offers free wireless access, and with his laptop, Angle watches YouTube videos in exchange for bitcoin