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Simply ~Dee I stand here with a thousand words and tons of hopes But blankness is the place they ended up the most I'm lost in the frequency of the oddities It feels so hard to breathe I'm like a hapless piece of symphony that no one really cares to hear Chorus You simply inspire me Collide into me But no one's there So why don't you hold me Why don't you move me So I know you care I wonder how far to go To simply have you and simply keep you And now, when everything has been said and done In silence I can only wish I am the one I'm floating like a bubble that will pop and be gone Just trying to make you see The simplicity of lock and key And how you're never ever there to free me Narration: From all of the thousand thunders Why was it you who struck me? The sky is cracking and nothing can patch the leak Why was it me who dripped from the broken horizon, glided against the wall and never be rescued? From all of the thousand