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Luxury Hotel Bomb Mastermind 'Shot Dead'

4:19am UK, Saturday August 08, 2009 The mastermind behind two deadly suicide bombs attacks on luxury tourist hotels in Jakarta has been shot dead, police sources say. Anti-terror police outside the house in Temanggung district Indonesian police say they have killed the country's most wanted man - leading Islamic militant Noordin Mohammad Top. The death claims - which have not been confirmed - follow ongoing raids in Central Java. Police have surrounded a remote house in rice fields in Temanggung where three to four suspected militants were thought to be holed up. After an overnight standoff and sporadic exchanges of gunfire, shots and explosions could be heard. TV footage showed heavily armed black-clad police from the anti-terrorism unit creeping towards the house, some sheltering behind shields. Suspect Noordin Top Local TV network TVOne quoted an unn

Indonesian cops storm suspected militant hide-out

Indonesian cops storm suspected militant hide-out By IRWAN FIRDAUS (AP) – 1 hour ago BEJI, Indonesia — Indonesian police stormed a house Saturday where the regional militant leader suspected in last month's attacks on hotels in the capital was believed hiding out with several followers, witnesses and police said. The raid broke a 16-hour siege of the house in central Java province that had officers trading automatic weapons fire with the militants. At least five loud explosions have rocked the building since dawn. Police spokesman Nanan Sukarna said officers believed alleged Malaysian militant leader Noordin Mohammad Top and two or three of his followers were inside, but could not immediately confirm their fate. Minutes after the raid, witnesses said officers outside the house took off their helmets and were shaking hands with each other, suggesting all those inside had either been killed or captured. The firing ceased. A police officer at the scene said a body was found in the bat