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HP "dibunuh" Carly Fiorina?

End of a hatchet woman Hewlett-Packard's ousted CEO Carly Fiorina destroyed a great company's creative soul and trashed its business. By Lawrence M. Fisher Feb. 10, 2005 | Carleton S. Fiorina's fall from grace was dramatic, as was most of her career. But don't cry for Carly; her way of doing business remains ascendant, and has already triumphed over that quaint set of humanistic values known as "The HP Way." I well remember my first meeting with Carly, who from an early date seemed destined to be one of those first-name-only stars like Cher or Madonna. Months before Hewlett-Packard named her its chief executive, the company had invited me and John Markoff, my friend and colleague at the New York Times, to spend a day with the engineers at its legendary research labs. But midway through our morning in nerd nirvana, Carly paid us a "surprise" visit. She was, of course, charming, well-coiffed and coutured, as nearly every article at