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Who will prevail?

WiMAX vs LTE: The battle continues Zatni Arbi, Contributor, Jakarta | Mon, 06/28/2010 10:37 AM | Sci-Tech We all know that wireless is the way we will live in the future. Every device will be connected with one another in wireless form. Of course, we will no longer be satisfied with the Wi-Fi that is available today. Even the newest version, the 802.11n, which has the data rate of up to sevenfold over the 802.11g, will not make us happy for long. One of the reasons is that we produce and consume more and more content every day. We want to share the HD video that we have just made on Facebook. YouTube has so much interesting content for us to watch on our smartphones or mobile devices. And then there will be connected devices to deliver healthcare to areas where medical doctors are not available. There is also the increasing need for bandwidth for personal security protection. The list goes on endlessly. That is why Ericsson has predicted that there will b