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Larangan Menggunakan Premium

Mulai 1 Januari 2011 Larangan Premium Berlaku Nasional Related Articles Ketika Lidah Tak Bertulang PM Inggris Berbicara Kisah Keluarga yang Sangat Bersyukur di Hari Thanksgiving Ajaib, 50 Hari Terdampar di Lautan Bisa Selamat SATURDAY, 27 NOVEMBER 2010 Total View : 202 times Rencana pemerintah yang akan memberlakukan larangan menggunakan BBM bersubsidi di Jabodetabek berubah. Larangan akan berlaku secara nasional mulai 1 Januari 2011. Dengan seluruh kesiapan kebijakan tersebut termasuk perangkat yang akan dioperasikan, mulai dari stiker hingga petugas operasional di lapangan. Hal ini dijelaskan langsung oleh Menko Perekonomian Hatta Rajasa di Jakarta, Jumat (26/11)."Pembatasan ini langsung berlaku nasional, tidak seperti wacana awal yang hanya Jabodetabek," katanya. Secara terperinci Hatta belum bisa memastikan jenis larangan yang akan diterapkan, apakah larangan penggunaan BBM bersubsidi berlaku bagi semua mobil pribadi dan mobil keluaran

Poop Powered MegaWatts

A Chinese Dairy Farm Made The World's Largest Machine For Turning Crap Into Power What happens when a Chinese dairy farm takes the excrement from 60,000 of its 250,000 cows and converts it into electricity ? They generate 5.66 megawatts of power, which is roughly enough to power 3500 American homes. According to Technology Review, Huishan Dairy has created a methane converter that is over 10 times the size of similar such devices. Powered by four of the GE engines pictured above, the converter captures methane from fermenting cow poop and turns it into power. Pop Sci does a good job of summarizing the science behind the converter, which involves processes like hydrodesulfurization and anaerobic digestion, so on and so forth. But what's really interesting here is that the scale of this converter might be more economically appealing to dairy farms in the US. Currently, methane converter in the US only generates 2 megawatts of power, and are only used by 1% of far

Twitter Role on Disaster Relief      Twitter Enables DIY Disaster Relief in Indonesia BY David Zax Mon Nov 22, 2010 Indonesians, who were the victims of earthquakes, a tsunami, and volcanic eruptions last month, are finding help from an unlikely source: Twitter. Indonesians, who were the victims of earthquakes, a tsunami, and volcanic eruptions last month, are finding help from an unlikely source: Twitter. Indonesia is a country composed of 17,000 islands, and organizing aid relief efforts has proved a challenge, particularly in regions where infrastructure was destroyed, reports Reuters. So enterprising and tech-savvy citizens are taking measures into their own hands, coordinating relief through Twitter. Twitter is extremely popular among Internet-using Indonesians, 21% of whom use the site (compare that to 12% for the U.S.). A group near th

Nasib TKW

Sunday, April 11, 2004 The End of the Road....   King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh has a wonderful immigration hall. Palm trees, fountains, marble; you really want to linger there. And if you don't have a Saudi passport, you will. For up to 3 hours, if you're unlucky. It's our bureacracy at work. You'll get checked thru the computer, which is slow. And if the immigration guard takes a call on his mobile from a friend, you'll have to wait until he finishes. A consultant came to our company from Norway; he said he was held for 20 miinutes at the desk because the guy had never heard of his country, couldn't find it in the database.  Anyway, a common sight there is a 747-load of newly-arrived Indonesian housemaids, all sitting patiently on the floor, and being herded by a Saudi "agent". They've just arrived from some small village on some island, where they were dirt-poor and no doubt a burden on their family, to seek a new l

Jika SIM anda hilang atau rusak...

Langkah-langkah mengurus SIM Hilang atau Rusak dari twit biniku :) RikaEridani Alhamdulillah... SIM A sudah terbit kembali. Aku mau share ngurus SIM yang hilang/rusak #SIM RikaEridani Kalau SIM kita hilang, lapor ke Polsek terdekat. Akan lebih mudah u/ pengurusan selanjutnya, jika msh simpan nomer SIM yg hilang/rusak #SIM RikaEridani Setelah memiliki surat keterangan kehilangan dari kepolisian, segera urus SIM yg hilang tadi ke SatPas Daan Mogot #SIM RikaEridani Syarat u/ mengurus: surat laporan kehilangan dari kepolisian dan fotokopi KTP. SIM hilang/rusak hanya bisa diurus di SatPas Daan Mogot #SIM RikaEridani Usahakan datang pagi-pagi ke SatPas Daan Mogot. Loket tes kesehatan sudah mulai buka jam 07.30 #SIM RikaEridani Sebelum ke SatPas Daan Mogot siapkan : 1. Fotokopi KTP, 2. Fotokopi SIM yg hilang (kalau ada), serta 3. Surat laporan kehilangan #SIM RikaEridani Sampai SatPas Daan Mogot, langsung ke loket tes kesehatan. Lokasinya di sisi kiri gedung utama. #SI


Simply ~Dee I stand here with a thousand words and tons of hopes But blankness is the place they ended up the most I'm lost in the frequency of the oddities It feels so hard to breathe I'm like a hapless piece of symphony that no one really cares to hear Chorus You simply inspire me Collide into me But no one's there So why don't you hold me Why don't you move me So I know you care I wonder how far to go To simply have you and simply keep you And now, when everything has been said and done In silence I can only wish I am the one I'm floating like a bubble that will pop and be gone Just trying to make you see The simplicity of lock and key And how you're never ever there to free me Narration: From all of the thousand thunders Why was it you who struck me? The sky is cracking and nothing can patch the leak Why was it me who dripped from the broken horizon, glided against the wall and never be rescued? From all of the thousand

Indonesia’s biggest blogger festival

November 3, 2010 A look at Indonesia's biggest blogger festival by Aulia Masna Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Powered by WP Greet Box Last Saturday, the fourth annual Pesta Blogger was held in Jakarta at Rasuna Epicentrum in Kuningan with about 1,500 people in attendance. The event was initiated in 2007 to recognize and celebrate the massive number of Indonesian bloggers as well as being a forum to meet, discuss, convey ideas, and to extend each individual's personal and professional networks. According to the organizers, there are now more than a million bloggers in Indonesia with more than 3.2 million blogs. In