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Building World's Tallest Building in 90 days Developer reaffirms plan to finish world's tallest building in 90 days The world's tallest skyscraper supposedly remains on track to debut in China early next year, but the details surrounding its progress seem quite strange. by Christopher MacManus November 19, 2012 6:05 PM PST This composite photo shows Sky City's massive height compared to a portion of the Chicago skyline. (Credit: Broad Group) A 220-story Sky City tower in the Chinese city of Changsha could take the crown as the world's tallest skyscraper next March with an astounding height of 2,749 feet, edging out the mega Burj Khalifa that currently stands 2,722 feet over Dubai. What makes the 11-million-square-foot Sky City so astonishing isn't its height or its appearance but rather the three-month construction pla