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An Open Letter to Marzuki Alie

Source: Jakarta Post An Open Letter to Marzuki Alie Dear Sir, It is my job as a troubled, disappointed Indonesian citizen to voice out what I think of the Legislative Assembly as a political institution that is supposedly to be on the side of "the people", in light of recent developments. Your remark as to tsunami victims were at risk because they lived on the shores was insensitive and morally corrupt. To be politically incorrect, even though they leave from the shores, they'll suffer volcano ashes if they move to the mountains, get drowned in mud if they stay in the Kampung, or flooded if they move to the city. Unlike you, many other Indonesians don't have big houses, fancy cars, and all the facilities that a House speaker is entitled to. Unlike you, many Indonesians are struggling just to get their food on the table. Where is your sense of priority when your memb