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The Economist: SBY's reluctant moves

SBY's feet of clay Supposed to come into his own in his second term, Indonesia's president is looking even less like his own man Oct 21st 2010 BEFORE last year's elections in Indonesia, supporters of the incumbent president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, predicted that victory would lead to a markedly different second term for their champion. A mild-mannered ditherer, he would emerge triumphant and transformed, as a bold and decisive reformer: Super-SBY! Sure enough, his Democrat Party became the largest in parliament and Mr Yudhoyono was re-elected in a landslide. But, as Indonesia marked the first anniversary of his second inauguration on October 20th, SBY2 was looking very much like SBY1. Indeed, in some ways it looks worse. Even some of Mr Yudhoyono's fans admit to being disappointed. That might seem harsh. Under his presidency, Indonesia has become a success story. In November Barack Obama will return to Indonesia, his childhood home and the countr