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The Chef is Dead!

The Great "South Park" Chef Roast By Steve Taylor Thursday, March 23, 2006 Matt Stone and Trey Parker have taken another shot in the war with Isaac Hayes and Scientology. In the Season 10 premiere, entitled "The Return of Chef", Stone and Parker try to deal with Isaac Hayes' departure from the show, and the loss of the voice of Chef. The best way the South Park creators found to do this? Kill off Chef. There was a huge buzz over what Matt Stone and Trey Parker would do with their season premiere (see South Park Keeps Chef ). After the announcement that Chef would be in the season premiere of South Park , everyone wanted to know the closely guarded secret of who would play his voice and how long he would be around for. Last night's season premiere on Comedy Central gave us the answer. It turns out the voice of Chef was…Isaac Hayes. By using lines from old South Park episodes, Matt Stone and Trey Parker were able to piece together enough mat